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Products for the field IT/ Telecommunication


For the IT/ Telecommunication sector, ErgonomiX develops and markets high performance standard software products:


With ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ all requirements in regard to the number management of a telecommunication network operator can be met! The main focus of this product is a comprehensive support of all procedures concerning number management, number portability and direct provisioning of numbering information on IT level. The product supports inter-operator communication processes for Local Number Portability (LNP), Geographic Number Portability (GNP), Service Number Portability (SNP) and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for multiple countries. For the German market ErgonomiX supports the multilateral exchange procedures between the network carrier regarding subscriber numbers as well as the exchange procedures with the regulation authority concerning service numbers.

fulfils all requirements regarding the provisioning of customer data independent of a specific billing, customer care or any other order management system. In addition, ErgonomiX:TCDS™ fulfils the legal obligation of the German Telecommunication Law, Revision of June 22nd, 2004 regarding the provisioning of data for information registers and telephone directories as well as the data provision for governmental or public authorities entitled to data queries by law.

ErgonomiX:TiS™ (Telecommunication Information Server) integrates both products ErgonomiX:TCDS™ and ErgonomiX:DiNoS™.

By using ErgonomiX:TiS™ your company will be able to reap all of the benefits from operating an integrated software solution for number management and porting data exchange as well as customer data management and data provisioning.

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