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ErgonomiX:IPAM™ IP Address Management


General Functions  ]

General Description

The ErgonomiX:IPAM product provides to a network operating company all facilities for:
Efficient administration of IP Address resources
The assignment of IP Address resources to:
    -  Business units,
    -  Services,
    -  Customers.
Cleaning up address spaces within a large organisation with the possibility to:
    -  load inconsistent information
    -  mark such inconsistent information as unreliable and inconsistent
    -  clean-up inconsistencies one after another

The ErgonomiX:IPAM™ product is designed for Network operating companies who provide telecommunication
services to their end customers and large organisations who operate an IP network on their own.

Up to millions of single IP address and ranges from tens of thousands of IP address blocks and sub-blocks can be administered efficiently in a tree oriented structure. ErgonomiX:IPAM™ provides of data load and verification modules and the consolidation of address spaces of large organisations.

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ErgonomiX:IPAM™ - General Functions

ErgonomiX:IPAM™ allows:

acquiring of IP Address information
structuring of the IP Address information
storage of certain associated data attached to IP Address information

ErgonomiX:IPAM™ supports

an amount of theoretically unlimited address ranges
partitioning of IP blocks
creation of IP pools for certain objectives
reservation, assignment of IP Addresses or IP ranges for such pools or blocks
blocking of IP addresses for certain reasons
releasing of IP Addresses back into a pool or a block of free addresses

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Management of address spaces for IP communication can become extremely complex for spaces of public IP addresses, that is
open internet addressing and networks operated by organisations of a certain size.

A specific difficulty occurs for  

Telecommunication network operators, who need to operate several different sub networks for their own purposes,
for organisations with hundreds of subnets,
Service providers,
Infrastructure operators and
Network access providers

All these organisations must administer pools and blocks of IP addresses for their customers.

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