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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Directory Number Server

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Handling Directory Numbers, Numbering Resources, identifying Number Types, etc. – this is daily business for every company providing telecommunication services. The internal and external workflow depends on the way this important key information is treated. Usually,  this is not done as efficiently as possible.

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ implements Telecommunication Number Management in the most effective way – as a modular, scalable software component. It can be utilized for the administration of all sorts of number information including:

Local numbers,
Service numbers,
Mobile numbers,
Area codes,
National destination codes,
Porting information,
Number block resources, etc.

This includes data about own subscribers as well as foreign numbers, assigned to competitors resources.

With the ability to implement real flow-through provisioning for LNP purposes, the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ product fills the gap between foreign porting information and your network.

Number information in a central database

In today’s telecommunication business numbering information often are distributed over several separate databases.

In such an environment collecting all available information related for example  to a specific number, number block, number range or area code,  is a job in itself. This is not only a problem of cost per subscriber line, moreover it may prevent a network operator from providing an adequate service level to his customer in another area by restricting his resources.

The Solution

is using ErgonomiX:DiNoS™  as a specialized software for the management of numbers, numbering resources and related information. Employing such a centralized Number Management System gives the opportunity to have enterprise wide access to one of the most important information pools in a telecommunication organisation.

The ErgonomiX:DiNoS Software System™  is the leading product for telecommunication number management in Germany.

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The advantage of the DiNoS-System is, that only consolidated data are stored in the database generally.

Unfortunately, it occurs in daily business, that porting data from other network operators are provided not conform to the current specification.

These inconsistent records must be reviewed individually and the content needs to be clarified.

The feature PortClear™ supports the troubleshooting and clearing of those cases by a compilation of overviews of incorrect entries, including all relevant information.

PortClear™ serves as a perfect base for the gradual, quick and easy clearing, and thus protects human and time resources.

PortClear™ provides clearing functionalities, that support fast and user-friendly clarifications and solutions regarding all problems concerning to the porting data exchange procedure.

Deviations and inconsistency within the porting information of other network operators will be identified and clearly presented. In case that the own network operator itself is involved, the porting information can be changed or can be corrected directly.

The porting information can be provided in one report per network operator to improve communication with other network operators. Within this report, the own data will be compared with the data of the other network operator, the differences will be shown coloured and the error messages explained individually. The contact details of the contact person of the other network operator will be provided automatically.

Various selection criteria optimise the presentation of the selected entries. Those selection criterias allow to sort the data after porting date, network operator, consistency check, error message, and of course by the selected number itself. Records with missing partners entries from other network operators can be shown separately.

All porting information of foreign network operators will be specified and listed with single number or number range, porting date, LEC-ID of the losing and the winning network operator, status of the number, transmission interface, timeframe to switch the number in the own network (RUZ) and the error message of the DiNoS system.

For various scenarios the system provides different ways to correct data.

-          It is possible to generate a batch job, in case the porting information of the other network operator is correct, but the data is still not stored in the own system.

-          Correction of own data, if the information provided by the other network operator is correct and the own data needs to be corrected. (e.g. correction of the porting date)

-          If the data record of the other network operator is not correct, the user can generate a contradiction directly.

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 Implementing Number Portability on IT level

The most important boost for efficiency the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ product provides is the implementation of Local Number-, Mobile Number and Service Number Portability.

The ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ product comprises all functionality needed for LNP, MNP and SNP implementation on IT level. ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ collects porting information from other licensed operators, from the regulation authority and from other organisational unit in the own enterprise. After complete verification a routing order is generated and passed on to a network provisioning system. This may be a provisioning software component,  an IN system or a network  element.

This  means ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ implements flow-through-provisioning with end-to-end connectivity from  the Number Management System to the network routing: fully automated.


More Information

Network operators interested in receiving more detailled information about our software product ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ should contact us. We will be happy to provide information or arrange a presentation of our product .



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