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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition


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The product ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ is structured in several editions, which have different key aspects of a Number Management System.

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition is based on the main functionalities of the product ErgonomiX:DiNoS™. The specified exchange procedure for the German telecommunication market is implemented in ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition as well as in  ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Enterprise Operator Edition and ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Standard Edition. The main focus of ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition is number portability in consideration of the specified exchange procedure for subscriber numbers and service numbers in Germany.  The collected porting data causes the utilisation of ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition as a central number database to administrate as a central porting database. The Number Management functionatily itself is in life operation since years and provides the basis for ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition.

Administration of all ported numbers is the focus point of ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition, as well as the support of the current exchange procedures. The experiences since 1997 with development and going in life operation cauces that the Central Edition is a consequent enhancement of the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ product.

Subscriber Numbers - Exchange of Porting Data

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition covers the current specification regarding subscriber number data exchange. The innovation of a central solution, which having regard to the current specifications for subscriber number porting data excange results in receiving data from one server instead of initialise link connections to any servers.

After collection of the corresponding data from all licenced Network Operaters,  the system checks automatically the data content and inserts consolidated data into the central number database. If the systems notices differences between the collected data and the own database, or, if the system notices inconsistencies between the details of the receiving network operater and the providing network operator, a manual data clearing can be initialised.

The functionalitiy for the manual clearing is included, but needs a consultation with the involved network operators. The system is designed that way, that a "dummy" network operater will be configured, which will contact all servers of all network operators and will collect all porting information for subscriber numbers automatically.

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Service Number Data Exchange

In addition to the administration of subscriber numbers,  ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ includes the administration of service numbers since 1998. The system is complete compatible to the service number exchange procedures defined by the regulation authority. All service numbers, which are specified by the specification of the regulation authority, can be insert into the central number database automatically. In every night the collected information file of the network operator as well as the master file from the regulation authority  are transfered and insert into the central number database.

There are the same inquire options  to service numbers as to subscriber numbers. Inquiries to the current status and to the history of service numbers are available.

The following graphic shows the general functionalities of ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Central Edition:
The nightly transfer of correction messages of subscriber number porting information,
the transfer of Default-Files and Response-Files and
the transfer of number block information (error file and number block information) of all other licenced network operators accordant to the current available porting data exchange specification, and
the nightly transfer of service number information from the server of the regulation authority accordant to the current available specification.

The provisioning of porting information and block information after clearing for all network operators, which take part in the central database by using the following functionalities:
  Using of number investigation for single numbers or number ranges,
  inquiries provided on the server in a CSV-format , which will be available after data determination from the central number database,
  daily provisiong of a complete copy of all porting data in CSV-format (subscriber numbers and service numbers).

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