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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager - advantages for global network operators with multiple network elements!

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The ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager Edition is a solution for organisations operating in non-homogeneous networks needing an integrative Element Management platform with Number Management capabilities. The main focus of the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager is the provisioning of a cost effective solution for the integration of multiple, different Network Elements!

With ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager, an universal routing provisioning component is provided. Several South-bound interfaces like CMIP, X.25, RPC, Batch, MML, etc. are available for all types of routing equipment like STPs, switches or IN-Systems regardless of their individual manufacturer. Because of the well-defined internal and external interfaces of ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager, customisation by the integration of customer's specific interface software can easily be accomplished. As a result of the software's flexibility, consistent data provisioning to all network elements is ensured!

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Interface overview

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North-bound Interfaces:


North-bound Interface Features

The following interfaces are already available from stock. The architecture is designed to integrate additional customer specific interfaces while usage of the ErgonomiX internal interfaces.

HTML based Graphical User Interface for order management and data selection
Secure SSL connection to the HTML based GUI
Man Machine Language (MML) for order management
Order file based MML Batch interface
MML shell interface in terminal or network (telnet) mode
RPC MML interface
SSH connection to the server

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Number Management - ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager

Numbering resources are expensive. Customers usually have particular relationships to their numbers. In some countries, licensed operators have to buy number blocks at high prices. In most countries the operator has to monitor numbering resources. Usually, this includes a liability to report to the regulation authority on a regular base.

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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager provides provisioning features for

Local Number Portability (LNP),
Geographical Number Portability (GNP),
Service Number Portability (SNP),
Mobile Number Portability (MNP),
Mobile Location Register (MLR) for flexible routing,
International Mobile Subscriber ID based Mobile Location Register (IMSI MSISDNMLR),
Short Message Service (SMS) support for Mobile Location Register,
Voice Mail Service (VMS) support for Mobile Location Register,
and Generic Routing with multiple routing codes.

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager provides blocking features for

Service Blocking,
Blocking of a configurable list of international numbers for the calling party,
Generic Blocking for the calling party ,
Called party blocking of international numbers.

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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager - permanent data

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ is designed to support any kind of Numbering Plan! Consequently, the Numbering Plan Management is compliant to the National Numbering Plan in the country where the system will be used (and also includes leeway for special numbers which due to the natinal numbering "history" are a contradiction to the current national numbering plan). Additionally, several rules of the National Numbering Plan are also included in the data validation procedures.

All service codes, local area codes, mobile codes and number blocks are stored and administered within the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ database. The DiNoS system also provides administration and storage of all connected network elements for direct provisioning and all associated network elements (e. g. Home Location Register (HLR) are associated elements for Mobil Number Portability).

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South-bound Provisioning

Automatic direct provisioning to connected network elements
All incoming orders are provisioned to all network elements in parallel directly.
Direct Provisioning is distinguished between Asynchronous Direct Provisioning and Synchronous Direct Provisioning.
Asynchronous or synchronous direct provisioning
Provisioning via the GUI OM is always Asynchronous Direct Provisioning. Both, aynchronous and synchronous direct provisioning are supported.
Mated pair handling of connected network elements
A network element group consists two network elements. The combined behaviour of both network elements within this network element group determines this NE group result.
Scheduled provisioning for connected network element pairs
If provisioning to one network element in a pair configuration is not possible, because it is offline, all orders for this network element are stored as Provisioning Orders.
These orders are provisioned later with Scheduled Provisioning, when the network element is online again.
Error tolerance
The Provisioning Adapter provides an error toleration configuration for tolerable responses from the Network Elelement
Database extract of the provisioning data to a file.

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The Solutions for High Availability

ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Element Manager
provides several solutions for High Availability:

Warm Standby
Hot Standby with automatic fail-over
Link supervision of the connected network elements
Alarm-based failover
Database Replication utilising Online Redo Log File Transfer
Database Replication utilising Oracle Multi Master Replication

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