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  ErgonomiX:DiNoS™  Enterprise Operator Edition
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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Enterprise Operator Edition


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Implementing Number Portability on IT level

The DiNoS product covers all functions required for LNP (Local Number Portability), GNP (Geographic Number Portability), MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and SNP (Service Number Portability) on IT-Level. The main focus of this product is to collect all porting information from licenced network operators, from the regulation authority as well as from other organisational units in the own enterprise in one central database. Within a fully-automated process the collected porting information will be verified, a routing order will be generated and will be passed on to a network provisioning system, independent if it is a provisioning software component, an IN-system or a network element.

The ErgonomiX:DiNoSEnterprise Operator Edition system is able to collect, manage and retrieve all your number information and can easily be integrated into your IT world. It provides a flexible data model and fully automated data acquisition, while the upscaling capabilities do only depend on the hardware. You will get a product, which is already in operation at international reference customer sites, who trust in the long-term business relationship with ErgonomiX.

Product History

Product development started in summer 1997 when ErgonomiX received a Request for Proposal from a big German operator for implementation of a Number Management System with comprehensive data exchange capabilities from scratch. A corresponding contract has been signed in September '97. The specification was written in close co-operation with the customer. From the beginning of the project requirements and recommendations from a lot of telecommunication companies – operators, carriers and suppliers - did influence the product implementation. The first version was successfully put into operation on 1st January 1998. Since then continous product enhancement are developed and implemented. A lot of functionalities have been added and today, ErgonomiX is Germany's leading company for this type of application.

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General Description

Handling directory numbers, numbering resources, identifying number types, etc. - daily business for each and every company providing telecommunication services. The internal and external workflow depends on the way this important key information is treated. But usually this is not done as efficiently as possible. ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ implements Telecommunication Number Management in the most effective way – as a modular, scalable software component.

It may be utilised for administration of all sorts of number information including:

Fixed Network Subscriber Numbers,
Service Numbers,
Area Codes,
National Destination Codes,
Vanity Numbers,
Golden Numbers,
Number block resources,
Mobile Numbers (MSISDN),
Mobile PABX Ranges (If allowed in the according county),
Number Portability Information (LNP, SNP, GNP, MNP),

This includes data about own numbers as well as foreign numbers, assigned to competitors' resources. With the ability to implement real flow-through provisioning for LNP, MNP, GNP and SNP purposes, the DiNoS product fills the gap between foreign porting information and your network.

This product provides automation for a de-regulated market!

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Number information in a central database

In today’s telecommunication business numbering information often is distributed over several separate databases. In such an environment collecting all available information related to a specific number, number block, number range or area code, for example, is a separate job. This is not only a problem of cost per subscriber line. Moreover it may prevent a network operator from providing an adequate service level to the customer.

Numbering resources are expensive in a very special way. Customers usually have special relationships to their numbers. In some countries, licensed operators need to buy number blocks for high prices. In most countries the operator must especially monitor numbering resources. Usually this includes a liability to report to the regulation authority on a regular base.

The new idea is implementing the management of numbers, numbering resources and related information by a special software component. This component should be optimised for these purposes. Instantiating such a centralised Number Management System gives the opportunity to have enterprise wide access to one of the most important information pools in a telecommunication organisation.

The DiNoS Software System is a leading product for telecommunication number management worldwide. In Enterprise Operator Edition it fulfils all requirements of an operator for number management, number data exchange, reporting liabilities, etc.

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Information Retrieval and Selection Criteria

The selection criterias of the DiNoS-System allow a comprehensive search of all information in any query combination.
The DiNoS-System is able to automatically identify the type of each number entered – and can provide according information e.g. of

Vanity Numbers,
a number range,
VoIP numbers
or numbers of a general search.

The systems provides detailled information about:

the type of number,
the corresponding number block,
the owner,
the Order ID,
the BSS ID,
the validity period of state of number,
the state of number,
history of the number,
the network type of a service number (if it is allowed in a country to allocate service numbers in a Mobile Network),
the routing status
and porting information provided to a partner operator, and/or the confirmation from a foreign operator or central database (depending on the national interface).

The Enterprise Operator package also comprises additional services as workflow adaptation, processing of certain information associated with numbers and implementation of additional selection criteria as needed for the specific enterprise.

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International Numbering Plan Support

In the third quarter of 1999, ErgonomiX started international promotion of the DiNoS product. From the bottom up, the product is designed for flexibility and adaptation to specific national particularities. Especially the implementation of different national numbering plans was a major design issue. The first project in a foreign country based upon the DiNoS product started in September 1999. Companies interested in partnership for international marketing should contact ErgonomiX sales department. Several national numbering plans are already supported, additional one can be configured.

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