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ErgonomiX:TCDS™ Short description


ErgonomiX:TCDS™ - is your solution for provisioning and administration of customer data!

ErgonomiX:TCDS™ - can easily be adapted to the requirements of every country's statutory Telecommunication obligations.

ErgonomiX:TCDS™ - the solution for

the management of customer data,
the provisioning of data for information registers like directory assistance, white pages, yellow pages and local telephone directories and others,
the data exchange with authorities entitled to inquiries like national security authorities, for emergency calls and others.

The Customer Data Server ErgonomiX:TCDS™ provides customer data compliant to
legal obligations,
contractual agreements,
corporate requirements.

Your Customer Care-, Billing- and/or other systems provide the customer data in your user-defined format. The data are gathered fully automated and by configurable interface-channels. Within this process the data will be
stored in a structured way
and provided in the respective target format.

Additional to the provisioning of the data which covers the requirement of the legal obligations of the German Telecommunication law, ErgonomiX:TCDS™ also provides data that makes it possible to use the system for internal purposes.

ErgonomiX:TCDS™ - basic functions

Definition of several user accesses (User Access Management)
Comfortable customer data inquiry functionality
Option of manual customer data processing (create, delete and change), both of owner addresses and connection addresses and additional of address data of telephone directory entries and other media.
Primary configuration of the query stations of the German Regulation Authority RegTP (§§111-114 - data exchange) and the Deutsche Telekom DTAG (§108 - data exchange)
Data export of the required data for the telephone directories (§ 47 - compliant to the interface specification)
Help function within all application forms

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