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  ErgonomiX:DiNoS™  Signalling Mediator
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ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ Signalling Mediator

  The ErgonomiX Signalling Mediator™ offers a software solution for mediation between high level orders and signalling information for telecommunication network operators in an increasingly competitive deregulated market.

With the Signalling Mediator™ ErgonomiX provides a solution for functions, interfaces and performance to interface with any kind of Business Support System like for example a Customer Care System, Fraud Protection, Billing System or a national reference database. The Signalling Mediator is able to support different BSS interfaces on multiple channels in parallel. The Signalling Mediator™ product supports the provisioning needs of:

Mobile Network Operators who also want to have the direct provisioning for ported fixed network numbers,
Fixed Network Operators (service numbers and / or subscriber numbers) including the possibility of direct provisioning of ported mobile numbers,
Network Operators who have an integrated network with mobile numbers as well as fixed network numbers (service numbers and subscriber numbers).

All these data can be supported and provisioned in parallel.

Product benefits:

Support of Fixed Network Numbers and / or Mobile Network Numbers.
Mediation to combine all your various, individual interfaces.
A way for provisioning several / different signalling products.
Provision of different network elements with the same system.
Taking care that your mated network element pair architecture is provisioned correct in your network.
A system which knows what data distribution is, so that different network elements gets different data according to your network architecture.
A system to reduce the costs of your associated network element recourses (like HLR) by using algorithms you can define.
A solution to support Number Portability (for Service Numbers, Subscriber Numbers and / or Mobile Numbers) within your network in parallel with activation of own numbers and services and blocking features in one single system.
A way to combine the provisioning of your network with parallel usage of service blocking facilities.
According the technique you will use for provisioning of VoIP numbers our system provides a central database in your company and an element manager which will provision the data you need, what ever network element will be used in your company in the future.
A central database in your OSS / Network for Routing.

Schematic Architectural Overview

General Description

Depending on the main business of a Telecommunication Network Operator the ErgonomiX Signalling Mediator™ can be used in different ways:  

as an universal Order Management Adapter,
as the single Central Number / Numbering Management Application within the own company,
as a universal Routing / Signalling Provisioning System,
as a Number Portability Implementation System,
or as a utilisation of all features in conjunction.  

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Architectural Overview

The ErgonomiX product is not only capable of setting northbound orders from one format in another format to create southbound orders like other mediators. The major advantage is, that the ErgonomiX product is a Number Management System. The system combines the Business Support System (BSS) world with the Operational Support System (OSS) one. If the BSS responsible persons are talking about services it means something quite different than services in the OSS world. E.g. most network elements are not aware of the association between an IMSI and the according MSISDNS so if a BSS system wants to change the HLR of an IMSI it's just one single command - but it could result in up to 11 commands to the network elements. So the Signalling Mediator™ does not simply mediate an order.  

The ErgonomiX Signalling Mediator™ product adapts to most provisioning and order management interfaces in non-homogeneous customer environments. 

Depending on the network architecture the ErgonomiX Signalling Mediator™ is able to provision different kinds of network elements or other management systems in parallel. Depending on the configuration, the Signalling Mediator™ provides Element Manager capabilities for mated pair provisioning and scheduled provisioning in case a network element within a pair configuration is temporarily not available.

In addition, it provides sophisticated data collection, data presentation, replication and provisioning capabilities.

General Availability 

The implementation of the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ product started Mid 1997. From the beginning, requirements and recommendations from a lot of telecommunication companies – operators, carriers and suppliers - did influence the product implementation. Therefore since 1997 a continuous product development with new editions, features, functions is in place. International customers have influenced the priority of developed enhancements. Since January 1998 the ErgonomiX:DiNoS™ system is in production at different network operators. The ErgonomiX Signalling Mediator™ Release 1.2 is available on stock.

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