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Data must be available where it is needed. Data must be valid, consistent and well structured. It must be provided in a way, that the ‘consuming’ instance gets the required selections, in a form and format the information can be processed efficiently. This is even more relevant for a large enterprise. To achieve this objective, implementing a separate software component for this task is a good recommendation for any enterprise of a certain size. Although such a component generates significant cost, it turns profitable very fast if the according project is managed properly.

There are several challenging parts, associated with the implementation of a central data warehousing system. Therefore the focus within a Data Warehouse project should neither rely only on a fast and flexible underlying database product nor on a somehow innovative querying tool. For example, Data Capturing, in the start-up phase, as well as capturing on a regular basis, data validation and correction in particular, are also vital for a successful Data Warehouse implementation.

Most components of an integrated, central data warehousing system put a certain load on the underlying hardware and software components. Also the requirements to the different input channels, data validation, filtering and correlation paths are usually quite different. So, a distributed, non blocking architecture is necessary. Modules of an efficient, flexible and scalable data warehouse must work independent from each other but also be controlled and supervised centrally.

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BSS / OSS / Network and Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing for the Telecommunication Business is a specific case. Information related to the utilisation of telecommunication services, such as Call Data Records, Numbering Information, Porting Data, Billing Information, customer and service related data, all need to be captured, archived, merged and distributed properly within a telecommunication organisation according to the specific business rules. It is a basic business need to have validated and cross referenced data delivered to all instances within a telecommunication oriented enterprise that needs to make decisions based on such data or to resolve issues using investigation techniques.

Data Warehousing Overview

Specific knowledge is required to properly identify and cover data sources in the Operational Support Systems (OSS), the Business Support Systems (BSS) and the Network Elements as well. In some cases data capturing from a device for several different purposes can be executed with a single operation and be distributed via the data warehouse mechanism on a regular basis.

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Data Warehousing Components

The implementation of an actual data warehouse solution consists of several elements which should be carefully designed separately:
    Data Warehousing BSS
Data Capture (initial load, regular basis)
Data Conversion
Data Validation and correction
Data Correlation, comparison, filter, merge and consolidation
Data Storage and archiving
Delivery Data Selection and reporting
Delivery Data Selection and delivery to consuming instance
Delivery Data Conversion and transport

ErgonomiX offers a solution framework based upon the proven ErgonomiX System Architecture for complex software systems.

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ErgonomiX Expertise

ErgonomiX Software GmbH, Germany offers all services needed to implement an integrated Data Warehouse System within an enterprise that offers telecommunication services to its customers. Parts of the implementation can be provided based upon ErgonomiX products and building blocks. ErgonomiX can provide the framework for integration of all modules for an efficient operation of the overall solution.
In particular, individual data capturing, mediation, verification of the data to be stored in the Data Warehouse database can be implemented in a cost-effective way.
Consultancy is provided for the overall implementation of the customers Data Warehouse solution. Especially integration issues with other OSS/BSS components as well as the telecommunication network and/or the communication with other operators and foreign data sources can be resolved.

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